STEM at Home: What You Can Do to Promote STEM Learning

Stay Engaged!

We know that an education-free summer means many students will come back to school in August, more than a month behind the academic level they were performing at in the spring. The good news is, STEM is exciting and it’s everywhere! There are so many opportunities right here at home to make sure your student doesn’t fall behind this summer. Not only can you join us for one of our STEM summer camps (check the end of this post for a coupon code), but you can also keep your child’s mind engaged all summer long with STEM at home.

As parents and grandparents, we don’t want our kids to fall behind, but it’s not always easy to peel them away from the TV or iPad and get them excited about learning. But STEM is cool and it doesn’t have to feel like school! Whether you realize it or not, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math isn’t just on your iPad, it’s all around. When your student isn’t at a STEM camp with us or playing sports with their friends, keep their minds working with STEM at HOME.

Help in the Kitchen

Have your young learner join you to help in the kitchen and cook up something exciting that will keep their minds churning. You can check out the Kitchen Pantry Scientist for ideas on everything from “Candy Crush” stained glass to making square bubbles!

Open an App

While you probably don’t want your child or grandchild binge-watching Netflix all summer, screen time isn’t all bad. It’s important to keep their minds engaged and technology involved. Don’t be afraid to open the app store and check out one of these STEM apps.

Make Something Cool

Make something cool with things you have lying around at home – think old paper towel rolls, cotton pads, paper clips, straws and shoes boxes. Encourage your student and their friends to join in a good old fashioned competition and see how they fare with the Egg Drop Experiment! Challenge them to craft a device that – with parental supervision – will allow an egg to survive a fall from a balcony or second floor window. Or you clean out your junk drawer and have your child Help Harry by building him a perch so he can see far and wide!

Explore Your Surroundings

Go beyond the iPad and explore your surroundings. Right here in Laurel we recently had “Touch a Truck” that give families an opportunity to get up close and see STEM firsthand. From construction trucks that help create the foundation for our engineers to build on, to emergency vehicles like ambulances equipped with medical supplies, and delivery vehicles that are decked out with all the technology needed to get your packages to your door on time, at events like this, you and your young learner will see that STEM truly is everywhere.

For those students who love to read, introduce them to Rosie Revere, Engineer, Iggy Peck, Architect and Ada Twist, Scientist. These awesome books by Andrea Beaty will inspire your young learner and teach them about opportunities in STEM.

Engaging in STEM at home doesn’t have to be expensive. All of these fun and exciting ideas are right at your fingertips and practically free. Not to mention, you can easily whip up the projects in a pinch if you get tasked with an unexpected, but always welcome, visit from the grandkids. Between science experiments with what is already in the pantry, free apps, making something cool out of materials you have lying around and exploring your own backyard, the possibilities are endless.

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