Trade Screen Time for STEM Time This Summer: Register NOW for STEM Discoveries Camp

This summer, school is out and STEM is in! 

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – what if this summer, instead of being glued to the iPad, your child could get out from behind the screen and discover how to design their own video game? Or maybe, instead of asking Alexa to find the newest TV show, your kid could build a new friend for Alexa and design their own robot? Swap out your kid’s search for their next snack and have them join STEM summer camps on a quest to see the world from a whole new perspective with everything from rockets to air and ground drones, forensic science and computer programming.

Unlike regular summer camps, STEM Discoveries programs keep your student’s mind academically engaged all summer long. Studies have shown that after sailing through an education-free summer, many students come back to school in August or September more than a month behind the academic level they were performing at in the spring. Summer learning has been shown to positively impact test scores and on top of that, one summer of learning can help sustain your student’s academic pace for years to come. In today’s competitive society, it’s more important than ever to keep your student up to speed with their peers.

Beyond keeping their young minds engaged, STEM Discoveries Summer Camps promote creative thinking and problem solving while building confidence and self-esteem. What’s especially exciting for your young learner’s future… STEM professionals in the United States make on average $15,000 more than non-STEM workers.

STEM jobs are the future of our economy and growing at a rapid rate. More than 17 million jobs in the U.S. are in the STEM field. Since the 90s, job growth in STEM professions has outpaced overall job growth in the U.S. Over the past ten years, jobs in STEM have grown at a rate of nearly 25% while other fields are growing at a rate of just 4%. Not to mention, even more growth is expected in this field between now and 2024.

The rapid rate of growth in STEM jobs may seem too good to be true, but it makes sense. Whether you’re going to the grocery store, ordering dinner out or writing a check to a friend, we see these stats come to life every day in real life. What used to be a regular trip to Wal-Mart is now creating a list online and having it delivered to your car. We used to pick up the phone to order Chinese on the weekend, but these days, you can submit your order online. Checks have nearly gone the way of the Dodo Bird with the advent of PayPal and Venmo. And, if you do write a check, you don’t even have to go to the bank to deposit it anymore… there’s an app for that!

As we’ve all seen, the world has changed, and just about EVERYTHING is electronic these days. Signing your credit card receipt on an iPad might represent more of an inconvenience than an opportunity, but the world of technology is the new frontier for jobs and the economy in America. Robots can do a lot… but they can’t do everything. Apps must be designed and websites must be built. Making all of this technology come to life in the palms of our hand requires a STEM-educated person.

Sadly, “go outside and play” is almost an extinct phrase, and the days of kids being left to roam their neighborhoods until the street lights come on are becoming a thing of the past. Computers and technology are more exciting than a shallow creek and an old rope swing. But as parents and grandparents, we can embrace our kids’ desire for “screen-time” and turn it into a productive learning experience.

We hope you’ll branch out and experience the benefits of STEM this summer. We offer both half and full day camp options that will fit your family’s schedule. All materials, supplies, a camp t-shirt and a drawstring sport pack are included with your camper’s tuition. Take advantage of early bird registration by clicking here to sign up before April 15th.